Inspire Camper

Inspire Camper

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With the 15 years of tradition in the field of servicing campers the company IN8 d.o.o. is well integrated into the heart of many campers or caravans.

For many years we have been dealing with renting of our own campers which gives us the opportunity to become even more familiar with the wishes of travellers. The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years while servicing of campers have led to the development of something new. We have designed an excellent, innovative and inspiring INspire Camper model, whose quality and comfort will satisfy even the most demanding traveller.

INspire camper is a unique vehicle on the basis of delivery van with two large double beds. Due to its entrance into interior it is large among the small campers, as the entrance is classic and not with large side doors, which allows to increase the kitchen area and with more than 10 square meters offers spacious and comfortable place for 4 passengers. With its external dimensions and manoeuvrability it is able to get into every corner of the traveller path.

In addition to the production of the three INspire camper Camper models the company IN8 d.o.o. also offers the possibility to rent the camper, which allows the enthusiasts of such kind of spending holidays to get familiar with the vehicle and perhaps even decide to buy their own INspire Camper later.

It is our vision to put the INspire Camper brand on the European map of competitive brands in a few years and to establish the serial production of campers and to further develop and improve our models of campers.